Quality Artificial Turf: A South Australian Iconic Brand

Quality Artificial Turf is a South Australian born and bred company that specialises in laying and installing artificial turf. We pride ourselves on offering the highest quality of artificial turf, whilst having the most competitive prices to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to bring life back to their yards. 

Our process includes obtaining the synthetic turf we use straight from the factory and to our customers! By doing business this way, we have completely eliminated a need for a middleman, assisting the cut in costs and time; passing the savings straight onto our customers.

Our most consistent goal here at Quality Artificial Turf is to deliver the best possible results and install the best artificial lawn to our customers’ homes that we are able to.

Our yarn that we use for our synthetic turf is Australian made, and has the benefit of years of development. This means that we have established the right aesthetic for Australian homes. Furthermore, we offer many different artificial grass options, ensuring there is a preferred option for anyone to choose and love.

Artificial Turf

Artificial grass over time will pay for itself! It will save you lots of money, and therefore it is absolutely more of an investment than a cost. There are many ways artificial grass is actually much cheaper than natural grass, and these ways include largely the cost of maintenance and water. You never truly grasp how much money you are spending on your natural lawn, until you make the switch to artificial grass! Elements such as fertilizer, or pest control may not seem like huge purchases at the time, however they do add up, and with artificial grass these items are simply not necessary. If you find you have to use a large amount of water to keep your lawn alive, or you simply do not have the time to maintain it, investing in artificial grass will benefit the environment greatly! With Australia’s harsh climate in mind, natural lawns typically require large amounts of maintenance and care. With artificial grass, the amount of watering is cut drastically! Australia often has unpredictable weather, and droughts are unfortunately a common occurrence. During times like this, saving water is essential, and thus keeping your lawn watered is not a high priority. It is obvious how artificial grass is beneficial in this situation. With artificial grass, you are doing your part to save water, without risking the aesthetic appeal of your lawn and hence still being able to enjoy spending time in it. We have many different artificial grass options here at Quality Artificial Turf, so you can be sure to be left satisfied with your choice of lawn. Easy to clean and dog-friendly, you’ll wonder why you didn’t invest in artificial grass sooner! If you have any other questions regarding our services or lawn options, please feel free to reach out to our team, where we will be more than happy to answer any of your queries, and ensure you feel excited to move forward with the process!

Synthetic Turf

There are a variety of reasons why you should consider investing in synthetic turf for your yard. We say investing, because it truly is an investment! After enjoying your synthetic turf for a few years, the cost compared to that of a natural lawn is significantly less. Though installing synthetic turf on your property is more costly than having a natural lawn, this cost ends up paying for itself in terms of cheaper maintenance! In under 15 years, the maintenance cost of natural grass is actually double the cost of maintenance on synthetic turf. Over time, you will be saving thousands of dollars on maintaining your yard! Before investing in synthetic turf, you should keep in mind where the yarn was manufactured. The yarn we use for our synthetic turf is Australian made. The benefits of Australian-made yarn includes the fact that it is made specifically for Australia’s diverse weather, therefore your synthetic turf is ensured to last for many years, and is as environmentally friendly and sustainable as possible. We have a number of different synthetic turf options to suit any Australian home and aesthetic, and stay looking absolutely flawless all year-round. You may be a bit skeptical about how your lawn will stay looking flawless, and a large part of this is the fact that all our synthetic turf options are stain resistant and waterproof; most stains can simply be hosed off or wiped away! If you are a busy person with a busy schedule and do not have a whole lot of time to maintain your yard, synthetic turf is the perfect option. Instead of spending hours upon hours getting rid of weeds or mowing the lawn, the only maintenance you’ll need to do with synthetic turf is to occasionally hose it off if it has gotten dirty! This all sounds great, but a common query we have is whether our synthetic turf is good for dogs. Our synthetic turf is actually great for dogs! They are able to run around and enjoy the yard as usual, simply without leaving holes or dirt everywhere! It’s a win-win, and we couldn’t recommend synthetic turf enough.